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Hardstyle Genre.

2008-12-07 21:03:31 by Syntekno

There needs to be a Hardstyle genre to pick from on the list of Newgrounds....


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2008-12-07 21:18:34


Syntekno responds:

It's a genre of aggressive dance music. It's cool, take a listen to some sometime.


2008-12-08 15:51:00

like ur stuff mate, u use fruityloops?
im just starting making trance too, was wondering if u would consider making a track with me sometime?
syntekno ft. NATO Symmetric!

Syntekno responds:

Maybe man, I won't be making a lot of trance though. I am mainly into Hardstyle. The song I first submitted (I actually just took it off) was a song I made in a matter of an hour, and was fooling around. I will only be submitting my best Hardstyle works on this website from now on.


2008-12-11 10:38:45

Its sad but I am afraid we have to stick with the trance and dance section... me and a lot other producers have asked the same question over and over again... I just keep on uploading my shit and point out the genre in a [****] way... so on that way the listeners should be aware of the style before clicking it ;).

Thanks for the fave btw, its appriciated!


2009-01-19 04:01:49

<3 Hardstyle

It's A part of my lifestyle, It has changed me, into a raver.

:3 Im going to listen to some of your music.

^-----> Shuffler!


2009-01-19 05:43:26

Very true, and Hands Up and Hardcore...